Every job starts with your artwork. You can send us your design in an AI file (adobe Illustrator) or a High Res PNG. We will create a mock up of how your design will look on the shirt before we proceed to printing. The proof will show the colors, size and location that we will be using to create your items). We have several awesome tee companies from you to choose from such as Next Level, Tultex, Bella, Anvil and Comfort Colors. We can print all basic colors including metallic silver, metallic gold and metallic rose gold.
Pick up a package here, if you don't see the package you are looking for, email us through our oontact page. 


Your logo is the visual cornerstone of your brand. It is your company’s identifiable image. Having a peculiar logo, is not only critical for marketing your business; but it is the anchor in which makes your brand and business memorable.


“We offer Embroidery Services for hats, dress shirts, jackets and the like. We require a minimum of 12 pieces for any Embroidery project. Our return date for these projects are 15 days or less, after being digitized.” 
Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital format. Before you can start embroidery, your text or image must be converted into a DST file. Digitization is $75 per image (up to 4.5"). $150 per image for Tees, Sweaters, Hoodies, etc. Once your file is digitized then you will be quoted according to your stitch count from your DST file along with the number of pieces you want embroidered.